On-Going projects

IoT based Smart Farming : Precision Farming  and Automated Irrigation System

Smart agriculture is a broad term that collects ag and food production practices powered by Internet of Things, big data and advanced analytics technology. The most common IoT applications in smart agriculture are:

  • Sensor-based systems for monitoring crops, soil, fields, livestock, storage facilities, or basically any important factor that influences the production.
  • Smart agriculture vehicles, drones, autonomous robots and actuators.
  • Connected agriculture spaces such as smart greenhouses or hydroponics.
  • Data analytics, visualization and management systems.

Skill Training Programme on Mushroom Cultivation for the self-sustenance of Local Community

Due to the lack of knowledge and skill rural population could not take part in upcoming trending market initiatives and ideas which can provide them better economic opportunities and sustainable livelihood. ProClimate Sustainable Solutions is in a continuous process of providing skill training programs with market accessibility opportunities for the rural women on mushroom cultivation to make them self-sustenance by generating livelihood opportunities.