Who is Your Real Enemy

If one asks you to name your enemy, what will be the 1st response in this current situation?

Due to COVID 19, more than 40 lakhs people get affected & almost 73000 people died till date in India and it is increasing day by day. The above scenario made us to think that COVID 19 i.e. Corona Virus is our enemy but is it our biggest enemy, the way we think it?

Then who is our biggest enemy- leading as a source of the rise in death ratio, compared to the actual nature of the culprit “The so-called CoronaVirus”….?

Our biggest enemy is our fear, which leads to an increase in death ratio day by day. People are living under the terror of COVID 19, by taking it as a life-threatening disease. Concerning the current situations and the people’s experiences, many people are dying only because of the fear of the effect of COVID 19 and there have seen many cases where the person suffering through the trauma of COVID which leads to heart attack, brain hemorrhage , hypertension and failure of the nervous system. Such cases have seen when the person has been fully recovered from the virus and found COVID-19 negative or someone else in the community or family found affected with the virus. Such cases are mostly occurring with the substantial number of senior citizens who couldn’t make themselves to deal with the situation. However, lack of awareness among the people regarding the exact nature of COVID 19 is the reason behind these circumstances.

The situation is truly difficult but we have to deal with it like any other disease instead of taking it as a life-threatening issue. Proper awareness and understanding among the people regarding the nature of COVID 19 should be taken to make people prepare themselves to fight with this situation physically or as well as mentally. One has to be mentally strong to stay healthy during this tough situation, which is an urgent need of the time.

Keeping ourselves mentally strong and updated with all the precautionary measures regarding the disease will make us fight with this demon called COVID-19.

Our fear is our biggest enemy which leads us, our loved ones and others into the cave of death.

Dealing and fighting with the situation is not an easy task but nothing is impossible. Together we can fight with it by supporting and by awaring each other, especially our senior citizens and the kids.

“Our fear can kill us, It’s time to fight not to be afraid !!”

Rajkumari M. Suryawanshi

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